Sunday, 27 May 2012

Minty (not out of Eastenders)


"Minty" in and out of the mold

This batch was made with my usual base recipe with the addition of dried ground mint and peppermint essential oil.

The homemade slab mold worked well but the cobbled together cutter was the star of the show! I demolded it after about twelve hours and was pleased with the two colour semi-swirl, I didn't wan't a massively marbled type of effect but wanted to show two distinct layers. The dried ground mint gave a nice olivey dark green with a slight texture and the scent was just nice too!

At last with the aid of my new homemade cutter all of the bars ended up the same size and shape. the weight still varied a bit but this was due to the height of the swirls and hand finished edges. Each bar weighed approximately 115-125g

The nettle soap is still on the menu but haven't managed harvest my lovingly cultivated stingers!

Keep Soaping!

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