Sunday, 22 April 2012

Red Clay and Clove with Nutmeg Layer Soap Bar - Catchy eh!

Red Clay and Clove essential oil base with a Nutmeg topping - Yum!

The batch was made from my Tombar secret blend of oils super fatted with Shea Butter to produce a lovely creamy bar (well I think so anyway)

The last time I made a Clay and Clove bar it traced v-quickly. Note to self - get it in the mould quicker!!

I used my homemade slab mould for the first time and I didn't know how well to insulate it as I made it out of pretty thick timber! In the end I decided to just cover it over with an old newspaper and leave it alone. It worked perfectly.

The only problem with the batch was as the red clay part with clove essential oil went pretty stiff quickly and I managed to get a few little air pockets into it - happy with my first effort at layering it though!

Keep Soaping!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Thats It! The Rambling Soaper!

I've never done this sort of thing before (blogging I mean) but my wife is fed up with my soapy ramblings so here we go!

I am by trade an engineer and spend many hours driving from job to job and its inevitable that my mind soon turns to soap. Not just soap but oils, butters, essential oils, pigments and many other soapy dreams.

I love soap - making it, using it, smelling it, thinking about it, talking about it! Selling it?

Being an amateur and looking to progress into selling my masterpieces it would be nice to get some of my ideas and probably failures out there for some feed back.

Will talk soon about my next batch and hopefully get some pictures up!