Sunday, 17 June 2012

Olive Soap Bar (What else can I call it?)

This is the first time I've tried an olive oil soap base so I left it plain and fragrance free so I could see how it set up without any other factors effecting the batch. I was aware that a pure castile soap took a long time to trace so I added 10% palm oil and reduced the water content - it was still a decent amount of time to trace and even longer to be thick enough to make wavy in the mold.

I normally use a lye solution at 500ppt and then add the same amount of water again for my standard Tombar base formula, but for this mainly olive mix I reduced the additional water by 50% - next time I may not add any additional water to speed thing up a bit. 

The final formulation went a bit like this:

1800g Olive Oil
200g Palm Oil
526g Lye 500ppt
131.5g Additional Water

100g Cocoa Butter for 5% super fat

Basic cold process soap making method used

I think this soap will need a couple of extra weeks curing time than I normally give my usual recipes (approx six weeks)

Overall I am quite pleased with the result, it produced a nice creamy looking bar - pure and simple enough to try on the kids. It might be a good base to use if you are using fragrances or clays that speed up saponifaction or you simply need more time to play adding multi colours, layers or swirls. 

I still need a more catchy name for it!

Keep Soaping!


  1. Soap man, are you still making soap? I'd love to see more!

  2. Hi Marieke

    still soaping!

    The latest batch was a honey and beeswax soap. ended up smelling of ginger biscuits! Nice soap though.

    The blog needs updating. will try and get some recent stuff on soon.

    Keep soaping!